Parents Guide

This is the section of our website aimed at informing Samha school parents of new updates, developments, important links and curricular information regarding the schooling of each child.

The school choice a parent makes is one of the most important decisions they will ever make for their child. This decision will affect where the child will be able to study and the career options available to them.

Our “Parent Zone” features regularly updated articles, special offers and programmes available for all Samha school parents. It is broken up into the following main sections and will have new sections added intermittently.

Further Readings

Letter To Parents

A Message from the principal for the parents...

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Links for Parents

Links to good quality websites that give information and advice to parents and students on many different issues...

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Communication With Parents

We, at The Samha International School understand that positive interaction between...

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Choosing the Right Curriculum

In-depth articles regarding the major curricula offered at Samha International schools – The National Curriculum for England, the US Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate and the CBSE and CISC Indian Curricula.

Choosing the Right School

The questions and thought processes that should be considered when choosing a school for your child. This applies to all schools and should be a major determinant in your choice of a school for your child.

There will also be offers and various promotions that will passed on to parents as a benefit of being part of the Samha International School’s network – so please visit this section regularly for more updates.