Mission Statement

Our Mission

"The mission of Samha International School is to educate all students with a high quality, international curriculum in a safe, well-structured and loving atmosphere, to assist all students to develop and refine their academic, social and ethical characters, and to encourage them to use what they learn to improve themselves, their families, their country of origin and the world."

Our Vision
Samha will be widely respected as an inclusive school offering a model cosmopolitan education.

Our Philosophy
We learn through

Curiosity, seeking understanding and enjoyment of ongoing learning

Knowledge developed from world perspectives

Academic achievement, physical well being, and personal success

Awareness and understanding of global issues

Inquiry and risk-taking in a safe and caring learning environment

Creative thought, critical reasoning, and inspired action

Exploration of the world

Open and respectful communication among students, parents, and staff

Service to local and global communities

Commitment to environmental sustainability

Shared responsibility for learning among students, parents, and staff

Respect, cultural understanding and linguistic diversity

We Live By:

“A spirit of inspiring others, achieving one’s goals and creating a better world.”