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    Registration has become easier online , The admission and Registration Department will confirm your registration and joining to the discerning members of the school

  • نحن متواجدون في المكتب الى الساعة الواحدة والنصف ظهرا ويمكنكم الاتصال في اي وقت على الجوال 0544448141او الايميل

  • أسأل عن خصم بمناسبة افتتاح المبنى الجديد 
    مساحات كبيرة -  حدائق - العاب اطفال - تكامل وسائل السلامة- مواقف سيارات داخلية واخرى خارجية

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  • Dear Parents, you can now download weekly plans and many other school documents, please follow the link:

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    بدا التسجيل للعام الجديد 2017/2016م  بادر بالتسجيل والحجز المقاعد محدودة 

    الرجاء الاتصال 0564501300   -  0544448141    -   0544449141

From the head of school  

اصبح المستقبل"عالمي الصبغة" وهذا يجب أن ينعكس على ما ندرسه لأطفالنا وفي نفس الوقت يجب علينا المحافظة على قيمنا الإسلامية وثقافتنا العربية وروحنا الوطنية.

Welcome to Samha International Schools website. I hope it provides you with helpful information about our vibrant school community.

    Our school vision will be widely respected as an inclusive school offering a model cosmopolitan education”. This ambitious vision is underpinned by our mission “to educate and empower students to be compassionate and inspired people, who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world”. We are a school that focuses on academic excellence and confidence-building, while nurturing in our students a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility.

    We celebrate the fact that each student is different, as a person and as a learner, and we aim to offer an education specifically designed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of each child.

    The warm and inclusive nature of our school culture is something we are particularly proud of and work hard to maintain. At the same time we place great emphasis on rigorous academic enquiry, making extensive use of information technology in the classroom. With a balanced program of curricular and co-curricular offerings we strive to live by our school motto: Inspire, Achieve, Create.

     Please enjoy exploring our website. Whether you are a prospective student, parent or teacher I hope you find what you need to know about our school. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, and if you are in the locality we would be delighted to welcome you and give you a tour of the campus. My office is located in the main school lobby, so please call in. I look forward to meeting you in person and hope that you may join our Samha International School community.

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