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Samha International School is an not-for-profit institution organized for the education of the expatriate population.The school opened on July , 2008 with an enrollment of 165 students. At present Samha School offers Pre-school to High School and has over 450 students representing over 10 different nationalities.

Our Employees
Samha International School employs teachers from countries representing the nationalities of the student population. The student population is made up of 14 nationalities including: American, British, Pakistani, Egyptian, Indian, Lebanese, Sudanese, Jordanian, Syrian, and others. A support staff provides professional services to help carry out non-instructional elements of the school program. All Samha School educators participate in a strong professional development program.

Cambridge System
The school is based on the Cambridge adopted American curriculum. Staff and students use U.S. texts and materials. In addition to the core academic program which includes Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Arabic Culture, and Physical Education, the school's curriculum also includes a Global Language program that offers Arabic, French, Hindi, and Urdu. Other specialized programs offered at Samha School include Technology, English as an Additional Language (EAL), and after school activities.

Licensed By Saudi Ministry
Samha International School is accredited and licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Education. Samha School is committed to the development for self-motivated, life-long learners. By preparing a safe, supportive, multicultural environment and by maintaining standards of excellence in scholarship, character development and citizenship, Samha prepares students to function effectively as global citizens in a constantly changing world.

Aims & Objectives

To develop the students’ critical thinking and refine their analytical and ...

To provide students’ and in-depth understanding of ...

To establish a broad understanding of the ...

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Mission Statement

The mission of Samha International School is to educate all students with a high quality, international curriculum in a safe, well-structured and loving atmosphere, to assist all students to develop and refine their academic, social and ethical characters, and to encourage them to use what they learn to improve themselves, their families, their country of...

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